We are proud to pre-announce the announcement date of the launch of our new coin Cryptographic Ultra Money (CUM).

This changes everything.

CUM is a next-generation blockchain 5.0, decentralized, trustless quantum-resistant AI deep learning/fog-computing platform with full fledged multi-tiered masternode ultra-economics, near-infinite scalable feeless TPnS (transactions per nano-second) and 2000+ fully integrated partnerships (under NDA). CUM is a utility token, distributed and verifiable through the use of Ethereum smart contracts. It represents the right to acquire a share in the company’s capital gains. Users can monetize their AI achievements through CUM trading. AI has transformed how we live and interact, but the development of AI is very complex. AI relies on the availability of open source software and applications (generally open source). We are pleased to announce the availability of a new “cryptographic blockchain technology” called SIGHASH (Secure Hash Rate). As a first step, SIGHASH combines the features, scalability and scalability offered from the bitcoin blockchain with blockchain innovations from more established blockchain accelerators within Ethereum (ETH), Go and Ripple (ERC20) and other popular Ethereum smart contracts systems. What’s more, the new SIGHASH is available in the very next-generation blockchain of bitcoin and also under NDA at a premium rate on SCTN (secure messaging system) and on token. There is no need to worry about a slow transaction.
Cryptographic Ultra Money will support multi-directional payments using any and all of the above technologies:
– a highly scalable, secure ledger (multi-nodes and nodes) that can generate and validate, and share all the necessary information
– a multi-directional smart contract of the future with 2+ billion signatures (to increase the confidence level, not to fail)
– and new innovative methods for scaling the blockchain; we are excited to create an incredible tool for the masses to make blockchain-related transactions and services easy, fast, and easy to deploy
– a large-scale smart contract to ensure that any blockchain asset is automatically mined using our algorithms

and we never call you ‘sir’

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